October 14th, 2008


she was only in it for the rain

If you marri ed the perso n you last texte d, what would your last name be?
ally mullally! how terrifying.

What did you do today ?
broke it in dancing my little tonedeaf heart out to tigerbeat at moe, im serious: i drank my whiskey out of a flask in the bathroom at neumos. spent the early morning hours at forests place on pike for a. his 27th bday, & b. seattles 117th bday, quibbled with the boy who walked me home for school, who i happen to think looks like frank from donnie darko. international relations. lunchtime with my babyhearts. polisci. ran into bachar. three hour glacial geology lecture. cal anderson park. me mathew & toby went back to my place after the market & actually baked some serious ghiardelli brownies & drank cheap beer. business date with leo & forrest (with 2 r's.) was interviewed later in a warehouse for the job & start tomorrow, then offered a cup from the shops communal keg. walked back up the hill & watched greys anatomy while on the phone with andrew which was my idea of "staying in to write some banging papers." now im in bed reading books. two hours left of the day. one hour until my boy tim gets home & we start all over again.

What kind of mood are you in?
sleeeeepy as hell.

Do you feel awkwa rd when stran gers say hi to you?
no im all about the hellos.

Are you talle r than your mom?
nah i dont think so.

Is anyth ing upset ting you right now?

What' s the farth est away from home you have ever been?
when i went back to new york.

Do you hate being alone ?
this life is a lonely one.

Who was the last perso n you cried in front of?

What' s on your sched ule for tomor row?
class. more class. snowboard connection! presidential debate @ redwood.

If you could have one perso n with you right now, who would it be?
i mean, cmon.

Where are you?
buried in our nine & a quarter blankets.

Is tomor row going to be a good day?
please let it?

Did you kiss or hug anyon e today ?
goddamn i doled out hugs today. never go easy on the hugs.

Where would you like to live?
maybe the sixth floor.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
remembered as a passing thought, but fondly

What song makes you cry?
it changes with the day, you know?
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